*UPDATE* I am now officially 2! Daddy took me to the Mall of America to go on a whole bunch of rides for my birthday. It was so much fun. They have these neat cars that spin around in a circle violently. They have a merry go 'round with a million different kinds of animals. They have a choo choo train! Oooooo and they also have TRUCKS! It's a lot of fun, you should go see.

We also went to Underwater Adventure. I think daddy has some kind of secret code to get in, cause he just shows the people this card, and they say "go right in" everytime we go. They have about 4,573 different kinds of fish (that's right, I counted them all), including some rather large sharks! That Mall is too much fun. *END UPDATE*

OK, so I'm not 2 just yet. But I'm getting close. I may as well give you all an update on my life, since it's been about a year since I have. Dad says he's been busy.... don't tell him, but I think he's just been too lazy ;)

It's been a busy and fun year. Let's see if I can remember everything that has happened. It seems like every month has some sort of holiday to celebrate. Is that just me? New Years Day in January, Valentines Day in February, St. Patrick's Day in March, Easter in April, Memorial Day in May, Mommy & Daddy's Anniversary and also Mommy's birthday in June, 4th of July in July...can't think of one in August, Daddy's birthday in September, Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December. Guess the only thing exciting about August is it's hot out all the time.

February was pretty uneventful for me. Unless you count NASCAR starting. That's fun, and at the same time very boring. All it appears to be is watching 43 cars go around in a circle for 3 hours. You can imagine how that can be boring. It's fun to see them crash. That's not me being mean, they have very safe cars, so no one gets hurt. But it's fun to see it. OH, I just remembered, we got a cat in February. His name is Rocco. He is tons of fun to pick on. He seems to take it pretty well when I do, so that's good.

March....what did I do in March.... I think we went to the Minnesota Zoo sometime in March. That place is super sweet. They got monkeys! The also got tigers and bears, but did you hear me!? They've got MONKEYS!! I love monkeys. I probably have about 10 stuffed monkeys that I sleep with in my crib. I think when I grow up, I wanna be a monkey. I'll have to find some kind of tail cream that helps me grow a tail. Wonder if they have that...... anyhoodle. The bears have this small pool that they get to swim in, and there are fish swimming around them. One bear was watching this one little fish near the wall, then he trapped it against the wall, picked it up and ate it! Right in front of us!!! That was so gross. Why would anyone eat a fish. It was neat to see him do that tho.

April was nice, it started to get warmer outside. Which is good, because there are TONS of parks by our new house, and I love to go play at them. Easter was in April. We went to Auntie Amy's house to do Easter Egg hunting. That was weird. Why would a rabbit come to the house and hide eggs all over the place? I wonder if he knew the eggs were all filled with candy.... he probably did, and that's probably why he was hiding them. Kind of like when squirrels hide nuts for the winter, maybe the Easter Bunny hides eggs for the summer. It could happen.... He'll probably be mad to find out we took them all! Pretty much everyone on Daddy's side of the family was there, Nana Liz and Papa Paul, Auntie Renee and Amy, Uncle Blaine and James, and cousins Micah, Jonah, Annabella, Naria, and Jamison. It was a lot of fun.

May the weather started to get even more nice out. Got to go up and see Great Nana Barb and Papa Jim. Their cabin is so much fun. Papa Rod brought up his 4-wheeler, and daddy took me riding through the woods! Mommy didn't like that, cause she thinks there is ticks in there, but we didn't get any. Also go to go on the Pontoon for the first time. That was really neat! Man that Mille Lacs is a big lake!

In June I got to stay with Nana and Papa Thyr for 3 whole nights! Mommy and Daddy went to Duluth for their Anniversary. That's OK tho, I really needed the time away from them. I love them and all, but I need a break every so often. Luckily Nana Kathy lets me stay over about once a month. The long break was especially nice tho.

Got to see a few fireworks from my house on July 4th. We live pretty close to Valleyfair, and altho we didn't go there, we still were able to see them. Plus some neighboorhood people were lighting off fireworks all over the place. So that was nifty to see.

August was one park after another. Well, that's how it was all summer basically. But since nothing too eventful happened, I'll call August the park month. Oh, I just rememebered, we had a get together with a lot of the people from Daddy's side of the family.... and yes, it was at a park (see? Park Month!). There was this water fountain that was clogged, so it just filled up with water. I loved that thing, splashed around in it for a good while with Annabella. You can see in the pictures how much fun we had.

September Daddy started school. Luckily he only goes one night a week. Which is good, cause in the spring he was gone 2 nights. I like it when he comes home at night to play with me after work.

We had a fun get together in October at Papa and Nana Thyr's house for Daddy and Auntie Bobo's birthday's. There were a lot, and I mean a LOT of leaves in the yard that we raked up into a pile and played in. Bobo, Hannah, and Haley all were jumping off the swing into them. That's too much action for me, I had fun just jumping in them. Also did some 4-wheelin with my buddy Wyatt.

I got another cat! HER name is Mikka. I say "HER" because we thought it was a boy when we got it, but Mommy said the vet told her it was actually a girl. Oops! Oh well, she's cute, and Rocco and her like to play together. She takes my abuse pretty well too.

I also got to go trick-or-treating for the first time! Oh what a blast that was. Did you know that you can get dressed up like something else, and just go knock on some strangers door, yell out "TRICK OR TREAT" and they'll give you candy?! I think that is amazing! I had so much fun, that I tried it the next day, but surprisingly enough, no one gave me candy that day. Must be one of those "one time a year" deals. Oh well, I got enough candy to last me a good few hours.

I am starting to say a few words now. Mommy and Daddy say I speak "gibberish", whatever that means. It's really hard. You've been talking your whole lives, so you don't get how hard it is. I haven't, so let me tell ya, learning is tough. I'll get it tho. I'm workin on it. I'm a pretty good story teller tho huh?! Yeah, I guess I'm a natural with computers, like Daddy.

I have lots of fun at home with Mommy all day. I fear she'll have to go back to work one of these days. I don't know what I'll do without her all day. But she takes me to the gym every morning and leaves me for 2 hours, and I must say, I don't even notice she's gone really. I have so much fun with the other kids, when she comes to get me, it's like "it's time to go already?!"

What else you want to know? I like to jump... scratch that, I LOVE to jump. I'll jump off of pretty much anything. It's fun. I've got good strong legs, so I won't get hurt. I also like to run. I don't like to toot my own horn, but *TOOT TOOT* cause I am FAST! Speaking of toot toot, I also love trains. I have this cool train set at home that makes farm animal noises. It's neat, but it gets annoying.

I feel like I'm just babbling now. I'll update more if anything else happens between now and my birthday. Thanks for reading!